The Restaurant

In an area full of tradition and high quality produce good food is a shared passion. Our motto is “To eat healthily is to eat Mediterranean” and with this in mind our chef prepares his menus alternating traditional dishes with more elaborate ones always using the best quality seasonal vegetables  from our local producers, the excellent fresh fish from the boats of  Terracina and Gaeta along with the famous buffalo mozzarella cheese, sausage from Fondi, extra virgin oil and the aromatic herbs that grow freely in our surrounding area.

The Pizzeria

Pizza, one of many things that made Italy famous in the world, has its origins in the south of Italy and therefore holds a place of honour during the summer months in the Village of Le Dune. Every evening they make delicious, tasty and light pizza with genuine ingredients from our local area – tomatoes and vegetables that are one of our specialities, along with buffalo mozzarella cheese and lots of salamis and typical cheeses –  all to tease our guests’ appetite and fantasy.

The Beach Bar

The Bar is in a stunning setting on the unique golden sandy dunes. The guests of the Village Le Dune can enjoy a lively and professional atmosphere from breakfast till late at night where they can spoil themselves with lots of tasty snacks. At lunchtime there is a wonderful buffet near the beach with salads, Caprese salad with mozzarella and tomatoes, aubergines alla parmigiane, roast peppers and many other freshly cooked tasty dishes. At sunset there is the ritual of the aperitif, not to be missed, with finger food and fried delicacies washed down with a good glass of wine, then there are  after-dinner drinks, under the star lit sky when the air has cooled down and you can enjoy special cocktails, liquors and premium spirits.